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持续人口老化以及不断增长的中产阶级人口引起了公民福祉的关注。 根据中国的“十叁五”规划,医疗行业已成为中国的首要任务,预计到2020年该行业的价值将达到8万亿元人民币。 (资料来源:毕马威全球中国业务)

持續人口老化以及不斷增長的中產階級人口引起了公民福祉的關注。 根據中國的“十三五”規劃,醫療行業已成為中國的首要任務,預計到2020年該行業的價值將達到8萬億元人民幣。 (資料來源:畢馬威全球中國業務)

The continuous ageing population, together with growing population of the middle class creates a surge of concern on well-beings of citizens. Healthcare industry has become the top priority in China where the value of such industry is forecast to be RMB 8 trillion by 2020, as proposed in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP). (Source: KPMG Global China Practice)