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China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA)

A non-profit organization registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China at the first national level that is founded in 1988. PhIRDA centers on the core principle of “innovation, industrialization, internationalization” that persists in innovation to achieve unmet clinical requirements. To promote innovation as the goal of organizational structure, PhIRDA consists of five major categories:

  1. Start-up and R&D enterprises focusing on innovation of pharmaceutical products
  2. Domestic first-class universities
  3. Clinical institutions featuring high skills in applicable research on new drugs
  4. Investment institutions committing to pharmaceutical innovation
  5. National pharmaceutical enterprises excelling at innovation

PhIRDA provides wide range of services which includes broadening channels of international collaboration, promoting communication and innovative development of members, conducting policy researches, providing national innovation-driven development strategy, etc. Anchored with their principle, PhIRDA continuously expands its services, making constant contributions to the greater economic development of the country and public health.

Hong Kong Bio-Med Innotech Association (HKBMIA)

A Hong Kong bio-med association established in 2017 that consists of a professional team with founder Professor Lo Yuk Lam (known as Father of Hong Kong Biotechnology) and biotech industry as well as investment industry experts. HKBMIA aims to create an innovative and international platform for bio-medical technology industry. With different alliance partners that supply a wide range of services from fund raising, IP protection, clinical research planning to project commercialization, such services enable HKBMIA to improve communication, connection and cooperation between areas in innovation and R&D, industrialization, harmonization of laws and regulations, as well as investment and funding.