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With a diversification of capabilities, we tackle your problems and customize solutions with enhanced avenue of a fruitful strategic dialogue.

Fund Raising

Bringing a breadth of expertise on executing excellence on complex transactions, we thrive to link our clients to capital, supported by our strong financial stance. From our specialization and experience in biotech and healthcare industry, we not only understand the current market value but also its potential opportunity. We therefore understand the challenges and concerns encountered by foreign biotech firms. We formulate fund structure design and optimization, draft relevant legal documents for fund establishment, and handle relevant approval. Rather than merely raising funds, with unswerving commitment, we raise funds for our selected projects dedicated to continue spurring their development.

Financial Advisory

With intimate knowledge of the financial players, we provide best-in-class advice and services related to a wide range of transaction types, including M&A, financing, restructuring, pre-IPO etc. We identify the risks, assess specific problems and design client-oriented transaction structures along with the provision of a reference for pricing. We uncover your weaknesses, pinpoint the obstacles you are facing, and thereby applying diversified insights to source and capture investment opportunities in the healthcare and biotech industry environment, using concrete solution to help transform projects into businesses

Corporate Structure & Governance

With deep understanding of Hong Kong’s regulatory environment, we focus on providing legal advices and encompass an environment of effective oversight and rigid accountability with professional board members, ensuring to align our clients with proper corporate strategies. We are aware of the possible negative impact resulted from legal violations. With rigid relationships with governmental departments, we work side-by-side to protect your business reputation as our basis of success, minimizing legal risks through a consolidated plan for best practices and well-established internal controls.


Our professional valuers are Accredited Senior Appraisers (Business Valuation) of the American Society of Appraisers (“ASA”), members of the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts (“HKSFA”), Registers Business Valuers (“RBV”) in the Hong Kong Business Valuation Forum. Being involved in the valuation of a wide variety of industries including bio-technology, pharmaceutical, health-care, biological assets, internet finance, investment and others, we also provide expertise that focus on purchase price allocation, intangible assets valuation, impairment tests and business valuation for financial reporting purposes and business enterprise valuation relating to merger & acquisition, restructuring and IPO projects. With proven track records of valuating 30+ bio-medical related projects, we have been servicing corporations listed on stock exchanges world-wide, including but not limited to Hong Kong, Singapore, London, New York, etc.

Legal Advice

Our philosophy is to combine worldwide and Chinese legal practices to deliver value to our clients that is consistent with their business objectives. With long-tenured experts, we commit to convey client-oriented solutions with coordinated, cogent legal advices. We acknowledge the importance of legal counsel, promising to address critical needs of our clients. We generate practical, cost-effective legal solutions, dedicated to ensure the right path to penetrate into the Chinese market.

IP Protection

With ample experience in handling patent disputes related to healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, we deeply understand the patent linkage issues, and recognise the legal challenges that foreign firms encounter. We have both US and Chinese patent agents/attorneys who can practice directly before the USPTO and SIPO, and have one of the most experienced and sophisticated practices in global life science IP practice in Greater China. Utilizing our unique understanding of Western and Eastern culture and patent law, we serve as an effective bridge that connect the US, Europe, China and the rest of the world together for our clients who need IP services. We protect our clients’ rights against infringers, assess competition law risks inherent in patent infringement actions, and make preparation in advance with holistic approach to reduce such risk, thereby cultivating a solid and secure core for business development to improve the competitiveness of our clients.

Regulatory Affairs

We provide regulatory affairs advice; address specific needs of the company; and help planning and managing their pharmaceutical and medical product development programs and regulatory requirements.

Our qualified experts provide consulting advice that covers from early pre-IND/pre-CTA/pre-IDE stage of pharmaceutical development to marketing applications. We work with sponsors and regulatory authorities through the resolution of complex development issues.

On the other hand, we are also experienced in offering full service regulatory support for medical device and diagnostic development.

Clinical Research Planning

Over 20 years of CRO experience in China and Asia Pacific serving international pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, Merck, Novartis, etc, our objective is to assist you to optimize your clinical trial design for clinical and commercial success in China with an efficient, systematic approach:

  • Leverage your existing data form your origin country and seek for China agency recognition
  • Gain KOL recognition and support for your clinical study
  • Perform pre-IND meeting with NMPA reviewer to prepare and strategize your study that fulfills NMPA regulatory expectation
  • Propose the most effective protocol design for your clinical trial in China to be executed with greater confidence and predictability
  • Customize your clinical trial project in China with the most cost-efficient strategic approach for quality and performance

With an ample range of services from feasibility assessment, site selection, protocol development to CSR writing and NDA application, we translate information into actionable insights to enable better informed strategic decisions and bring unique success to your clinical studies in China

Contract Development Manufacturing

Stronger know-how, wider global network, and better technology make up dedicated to apply international quality standards to support innovative Chinese and international companies to industrialize their research results.

  • Offer tailor-made contract development and manufacturing services of antibodies and biologics for clients in China and globally
  • Stable and steady platform designed to support our client from the initial product concept to the approved pharmaceutical drug
  • Deliver a large number of pharmaceuticals in a variety of dosage forms, requiring the use of a broad range of technologies.

Project Advisory & Development

Cost-effectiveness, time-saving strategy and a well-developed plan are at the heart of our objective. Based on our thorough understanding of specific needs and objectives of our selected projects, we recognise the fundamentals of maximizing the value of our clients. Through detailed analysis of project’s up-to-date status, we consolidate and leverage its data; we work comprehensively with NMPA and KOLs, designing cost-efficient strategies and crafting a well-established project plan to get approval from NMPA . We also develop a tailored exit strategy as an IPO in Hong Kong, to achieve a one-stop solution for the project owner, to unleash and launch the product in China with the lowest cost and shortest possible time.

Project Commercialization

Being experienced in establishing JV partnership, negotiating distribution rights, sharing your royalty as well as successful licensing deals, we possess a deep-rooted understanding of the market for healthcare and biotech industry, from its present to its future, our experienced experts hands-on to execute concise commercialization plan with rigorous approach, involving out-licensing, joint venture and distribution, in order to successfully launch our clients’ products. Supported with connections and partnerships with more than 100 companies ranging from biotech to pharmaceutical area in China, we shape our projects with strategic priorities and thrive to find a suitable local partner. Through disciplined negotiations, we pursue to improve the connection between foreign biotech firms and the Chinese market, setting out a smooth and effective path for the journey to commercialization.

Scientific Advisory Committee

Our professional scientific advisors have more than 10 years of experience in biopharmaceutical and medical industry, providing a broad range of services including basic research, cGMP manufacturing, clinical development, generation of protocols and risk management plans, review of data etc. With many years of interconnection and cooperation with universities, research institutes, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and experts from multiple therapeutic areas, we provide best-in-class scientific advices to fine-tune our scientific and business strategies, to commercialize new ideas. Applying both scientific and business insights, we analyze potential competitiveness of selected projects, we give accurate opinions to project owners via our thorough understanding of the market trend and most updated scientific demand in China through frequent meetings and discussions with our professional scientific advisors. At the same time, we provide expertise in front of various regulatory authorities including the EMA and FDA, where we ensure our projects satisfy China’s regulatory system for project development.