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Not only possess capital funds, but also have conviction that in-depth knowledge of clinical development and rich experience in commercialization stage go hand in hand.

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We make talent an integral part of every major strategic decision and package our products in a nutshell.

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With experts hands-on to provide active support and ongoing commitment that create the future for biotech and healthcare industry.

Who We Are

Eminent Capital Partners is an investment company that aims to provide one-stop service to give customized solutions to their clients with new inventions of biotech and healthcare products who are looking to incubate into Asia Pacific market, in particular the Chinese market. With our “3C” strategy, we ensure that our professional scientific skills are woven into the fabric of our company, linking talent to business gold, maximizing investment returns. Enhanced with a diversity of minds, we accumulate cost-efficient and time-saving strategies to unlock the secret of healthcare and biotech industry and bring them into China.


What We Do

With deep-rooted commitment, we translate talent to value, and reinforce the next level of productivity gains and efficiencies. We support our clients to make continuous improvement, whether to raise money, to consult legally or to manage risk, aiming to help them foster, develop and bloom. We address the needs of our clients; craft a well-established business strategy via thorough and careful approach; and advise them using our in-depth knowledge on healthcare and biotech industry in China.

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Old competitors are catching up. New competitors are popping up. We reinforce the quality of our products. With each client engagement Eminent Capital Partners maintains stringent and disciplined adherence to pre-determined end goals of providing comprehensive support throughout the entire fragmented process. Our long-tenured professionals apply their experience and expertise across the entire process from upstream research to downstream commercialization, in order to sustain the quality, to improve the value, and to maximize returns of selected projects. Brick-by-brick, we pave way for selected biotech and healthcare projects, accommodating them with a strategic and well-developed plan to penetrate into Chinese market successfully.

We’ve Got Your Back

We fulfill the objective of product suitability, market opportunity, and best execution. With a perpetual bond with our partner, HKBMIA (Hong Kong Bio-Med Innotech Association), and PhIRDA (China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association), Eminent Capital Partners gains access to first-in-hand information as well as advanced technologies which ensures better quality of projects in which we invest. The right development strategy is critical to the future of your project and your company. We apply best-in-class advices to pave a scrupulous route for our projects to launch into the Chinese market using our deep understanding of the Chinese regulatory system. Served with heart, we cultivate new capabilities to businesses, and we connect your project with expertise and get you there.